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Spy on Text Messages with Mobile Spy

Spy on Text MessagesOne of the areas that the iPhone keylogger from Mobile Spy tracks is the text messages that are sent from and received by the monitored cell phone. And Mobile Spy doesn’t only focus on SMS messages. To use this powerful feature to its full potential, it is helpful to know how to see them in the way of what to look for. Continue reading and you will be amazed at just how comprehensive the Mobile Spy iPhone keylogger is when it comes to monitoring text messages.

Why Track Text Messages?

There are several reasons why you need to spy on text messages with Mobile Spy. These are:

  1. Text messages are used when the participants don’t want to be overheard
  2. They allow communications when the participants shouldn’t be
  3. They are used for one-sided communications (tell vs. discuss)
  4. Text messages can be abusive
  5. Overuse of text messaging can be expensive
  6. Their tracks can be covered through deletion
  7. They are one more piece to the puzzle of revealing the truth
  8. Get a record (backup) of important information

Text messages have their uses but can be abused as well. Mobile Spy gets to the truth when text messaging is abused.

Textual communications are the best alternative to voice and especially when the participants in a conversation don’t want anyone to hear the mischief or misdeeds they may be up to.

At the same time, text messages can be one-sided and used to insult, threaten, or otherwise verbally abuse the intended recipient. This is because the receiving end doesn’t have a chance to respond right away. There is no interactivity.

It may be that the messages that you see from your Mobile Spy control panel are okay but there is just too many of them. This could be an indicator that your teenager or employee is wasting too much time. In any case, excessive messages have the potential for incurring additional carrier service fees resulting in high bills that you as the subscriber and responsible person for the phone must pay.

With the Mobile Spy software, deleted messages on the monitored cell phone are no longer a problem. Deleting messages on the target device is a favorite way for users up to no good to cover their tracks. This is because you will more than likely have already captured them and they will be stored on the control panel server prior to their deletion on the monitored device.

What Text Messages Can You Spy On?

The stand-out feature of the Mobile Spy iPhone keylogger, which is really several features, is that it handles a wide range of text messages. It handles:

  • SMS messages
  • Email messages (to include Gmail)
  • iMessages
  • BlackBerry PIN Messages
  • Social networking messages (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp)
  • Instant messenger (IM) messages (Yahoo, Windows Live, BB, Gtalk, AOL)
  • Cell phone screen

The cell phone screen is included in this list as well. This is for when there are messages exchanged outside of one the above methods. When you purchase the optional LIVE control panel you get the ability to view the iPhone’s screen remotely. Thus, if the user is communicating via text using some method not listed above you can see it this way as well.

Alerts by the Words

Mobile Spy Alerts
Get alerts on unapproved smartphone activities

As you can see, the sheer volume of text messages that can be collected and read by the Mobile Spy iPhone keylogger could be overwhelming unless there is a way to filter them. Here again, Mobile Spy answers the call.

With its keylogger, text messages can be filtered for profanity or for custom keywords that you as the subscriber define. For example, if you want to see what your employee with a company-issued smartphone is saying about the company or you, certain keywords such as “idiot”, “jerk”, “dictator”, or any other colorful adjective used to refer to bosses can be defined during configuration of the app.

When any text comes across the monitored phone using these custom keywords, you get alerted so that you can go to your control panel and read the context.

The capability for monitoring text messages is among the strongest of features in Mobile Spy. There is just too much information that you could miss without this powerful app plus you will continue to be left wide open to the falsehoods perpetrated by the child or employee with a device that you are responsible for. Don’t let this continue. Purchase, download, and install your Mobile Spy iPhone keylogger today.