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iPhone Keylogger App for iOS 7 Is Now Available!

iPhone Keylogger App for iOS7Apple made the world quite happy with its release of its iPhone 5S and 5C and the improved iOS 7 operating system with its new look. Now that these iPhone models can be jailbroken, the folks at Retina-X Studios jumped on these new products as well and have released the Mobile Spy iPhone keylogger for the 5S and 5C platforms.

Now you can take advantage of all of the great cell phone spy software features that have helped many others get to the truth on previous iPhone and iOS platforms.

Who Can Take Advantage of the New Keylogger App?

The same folks who took advantage of the Mobile Spy keylogger for previous iPhone and iOS versions can now do the same when it comes to iOS 7 and the 5S/5C. These are typically:

  • Parents who want to keep track of the activities with regard to their children and their iPhone usage
  • Employers who have the responsibility of ensuring that company-issued iPhones are used for business purposes only

Just as in previous versions, the iPhone keylogger app runs 100% undetectable in what is known as full stealth mode. The user has no idea that his iPhone is being monitored but you on the other hand see all of the activities from the vantage point of your subscriber control panel.

The Features You Get

You get all of the same features with the new release of the Mobile Spy iPhone keylogger for iOS 7 and the 5S/5C cell phone platform. Some of these features are:

Call logging – See the date/time and the number of the other person calling or called. Know with whom your children are communicating with.

GPS location tracking – Get the GPS coordinate history of everywhere that the monitored iPhone has been. With the optional LIVE Control Panel you can track GPS location in real-time. You will no longer be the victim of lies that your children or employees tell you concerning their whereabouts.

Monitoring of text messages to include iMessages – You can see the full text of SMS and iMessage message exchanges. When you see the messages from both sides of the conversation you can identify the truth for sure.

Logging of activities on social networking sites Facebook and WhatsApp – This is an extension of the text message monitoring capabilities of Mobile Spy. It is no secret that social networking sites are popular today and it makes sense that a keylogger should tap into these as well.

Reporting of Youtube videos watched – Why would you want to view the Youtube videos watched on the monitored iPhone? In the case of employees, Youtube can be an incredible time-waster. With your children, Youtube is not only a time-waster but some content is adult in nature.

Monitoring Gmail as well as other email messages – Here again, any app where text can be exchanged with another is preferable to voice communications on an iPhone. Why? It is simply because if your child or employee is speaking with someone they shouldn’t or saying things they shouldn’t then text message exchanges are the easiest to hide. The keylogger app reveals it all.

Geofencing capability – Geofencing simply gives you the ability to designate geographic zones where the monitored iPhone is allowed and where it is not allowed. This is quite handy when you want to be notified if your teenager is in an area where he shouldn’t be or if your employee stops at his favorite happy hour spot before the workday is finished. You get notified when a restricted area is entered or a cleared area is exited.

The above list is not exhaustive when it comes to Mobile Spy app. There are more features and this keylogger covers every aspect of the activities possible using this smart device.

Download iPhone Keylogger App for iOS 7

Mobile Spy for iOS 7If you have recently purchased an iPhone 5S or 5C for your child or employee, there is no longer a reason to wait to take advantage of the Mobile Spy iPhone keylogger to monitor their activities. You can take advantage of all of the features that make Mobile Spy a leader in the keylogger software industry.

Visit our website and take advantage of this powerful software today.